About Me

Hello world, I’m Elisheva Yochanan – my friends call me Elle Yo.

I’m a mother, grandmother and wife living along the coast in sunny Florida.

I currently host the web series ‘The Lifestyle with Elle Yo’ and run an online vintage fashion studio.

I am a Hebrew Israelite woman – I belong to zero camps – I’m just a Torah abiding wife and mother making her way along this walk.

My life sure has been a ride – and I’ve always been a writer of sorts so I kind of get things out by writing about them.

This is a deeply personal blog that I share with the world simply because I like connecting with others.

I share all kinds if things from my latest fitness obsession, food obsessions or even diets and diet fails.

Being transparent, there are times when I may be extremely busy with life, going through a blue phase or simply not inspired to write and I may take breaks – but I’m never gone for too long and I usually update fairly regularly.

I hope you get involved (leave comments and likes!) because I love (nice) comments and meeting new people.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!



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