The Difference Magnesium Makes

math-26040-unsplashDon’t know how I always forget to take my magnesium when I get low (depression), but somehow I remembered and things began looking up after my last post.

My optimism is finally back!

I love feeling like myself.

I decided not to delete that last post because even though it was extremely out of character, it was honest and real. It was what I was honestly dealing with and somehow, I felt it was important to share.

I love and appreciate my husband by the way, I’m thankful for his love, patience and understanding – my thinking gets warped sometimes during episodes and I don’t always say the nicest things.

In other news, tomorrow is Mother’s Day and even though I am on the tail end of a depressive episode, I am going to make my way out of the house to visit with my in-laws AND I’m bringing a dish.

My famous lasagna.

Wasn’t sure if I’d make it, but I think I can manage – as long as things stay trigger free.

Honestly, I don’t really celebrate secular holidays, due to my beliefs, but I can make an exception for Mother’s Day since it is honoring Mothers. I’m biased because I’m a mom.

Not to mention it will be one of the few times I get to see my second eldest son.

Lots of incentive to leave the house tomorrow.

So Happy Mother’s Day to any mothers reading my mess of a blog today.




Photo by Math on Unsplash


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