Why am I NOT losing weight?

kristian-egelund-113903Today I am so annoyed with this journey.
Nothing seems to be working.

I’m sick of being positive with nothing positive happening!

3 weeks and not 1 damn pound.

Hot yoga running, weights, roller skating and NOTHING!

Do I have to barely eat or something?
Why is this weight just sticking to me???
I feel cursed and like I can do nothing right.
I don’t know.
I am so frustrated.
Maybe I need to up my fitness?
Run farther, lift more, stretch til I break, sweat out everything?
Maybe 7 days a week and no off days til I see SOMETHING?
I feel like pulling my hair out.
I low-key hate myself right now.

I’m almost 200 damn pounds.

I am having such a bad day.
I feel so defeated.


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