Order My Steps: My Faith, My Gifts + My Calling

I am experiencing yet another evolution in my life.

Currently deciding on how to reconcile my calling with my faith – figuring out exactly how to follow it while giving respect and homage to the God that I serve.

I’ve learned a LOT in the past few years since my awakening. Where I am at now, is fitting it all together in my life – in a realistic way.

I understand I have gifts TMH expects me to use – and I take that very seriously, with much humility and responsibility.

Yah created me to be a healer of sorts: a physical healer with my yoga therapy and wellness coach training and a mental healer with the gift of counseling that only He blessed me with.

I am beginning to understand that now and feel my focus shifting towards how to implement it all into my life to serve God better and give to others in love. That’s a ministry.

One thing for sure, regarding this Hebrew thang; I’m way better off outside of any groups or cliques – not to mention camps. There are waaaay too many opinions and judgments flying around. So much so that it can cloud your judgement and for someone who considers themselves an empath like me, it’s way too stressful.

I am enjoying my walk the way it is and plan on continuing to follow my goals like Yah intends – without the outside influences from people who are way more confused than I am at this point.

My walk is somewhat private. I will make public what I feel like and what I am lead to share with the public.

Otherwise, I’m cool over here in my own little lane.


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