Cruising the Caribbean + Mexico: Ups, Downs and All Arounds


We are back from our first real vacation in almost 20 years!

It wasn’t without it’s ups and downs – none the less, we had a blast!

We spent 3 days in Miami (where we honeymooned 19 years ago) and caught a cruise to Key West + Mexico.

This was my second cruise in over 20 years and my husband’s first – we took it for his birthday to celebrate his turning 40 – which is a blessing (praise Yah!)

We left the kids in town with their absentee auntie (which is a story in and of itself, but maybe for another blog post *rolls eyes*) so this was a lovers trip💕

An entire week with my man – it was great😊

Miami was a bit chilly, but not too bad – not to mention the view was gorgeous!


We felt pretty blessed to land an ocean front room at the rate we did.

By the time we made it down to Key West on our cruise, the weather warmed up a bit and we were able to get outdoors and explore…


We got to visit the Southern Most Point buoy, we saw Hemingway’s house (but we weren’t too interested in going in), we also saw President Truman’s digs – which was news to me because I didn’t know he lived there.

The highlight of the Keys visit was getting some key lime pie (that could have tasted better but it’s possible my standards are way too high lol) – which is one of my favorite desserts and is dear to my heart.

My late grandmother made the best Key Lime pie in the world and I miss her and her pies dearly. She’d make them for me on request, without hesitation any time I asked. She spoiled me 💖

The last leg of our trip was our visit to Mexico.

Although I didn’t get to see any Mayan ruins [sad face] (the cruise ship dropped us off too far away at some touristy type of location in Costa Maya), we got to visit beautiful beaches and tried our hand at some authentic Mexican tacos (which were NOTHING like the tacos we love so much here in the states.  Not to mention their nachos are a bit different as well – still delicious, just different), sampled some tequila (well, my husband did – I no longer drink!) and got super tanned.


It was an awesome trip!

The only complaints I had were:

  1. There were more than a few overtly racist passengers on our cruise – on more than one occasion there were some white people who refused to ride the elevator with us, wouldn’t move or excuse themselves while walking  (some actually rudely ‘bumped’ into use a few times), etc.
  2. There was a ‘sister’ on the boat who kept eye balling and trying to touch my husband when he was clearly with me.
  3. I noticed the Cuban population in North Miami Beach were extremely racist as well – seeing that many of them are without a doubt, people of color themselves.
  4. I broke out something terrible on my face from something on the cruise ship (probably whatever they wash their linens with) – I am currently doing everything I can think of to help clear it up. Guess it will just take some time.
  5. And lastly, when we returned home we found there were a TON of issues with the absentee auntie we left our children with.  In all honesty, I knew there would be an issue leaving them with her for various reasons.  We should have known better but, que sera, sera – we know better for next time. The foolishness that ensued with these messy people truly deserves it’s own blog post.

Again, despite those minor setbacks, we had a ball and are actively planning doing it again and soon!

A five day cruise was just about perfect but we are now thinking that the next trip we’ll make it a 3 day. 5 was just a bit too long for our tastes because by day 4 we were over it a bit and ready to come back home. Especially with my (face) break out!

Besides, we live in a pretty awesome beach town in Florida,  so didn’t really gain much from leaving the country except for seeing the pretty blue water ☺️

The issue with family that I touched on earlier will definitely be written about in another blog post – I’m thinking it may include a vlog post as well because I don’t want to write that much and it’s a pretty lengthy and heavy topic.

I must say though, this trip was thoroughly needed.  We got a lot of thinking and planning done about our next steps and relaxed A LOT. It was great and is highly recommended!

I’m just happy to be back home!












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