Let’s Do Lunch – Video Recipe


Today is our last day at home before leaving on our big trip to Miami, Key West + Mexico!

I’m so excited at the food prospects of where we are going.  In my mind, I’ll run into someone’s Abuela who will graciously invite us over for a home cooked meal and I will get to experience some tasty, authentic, homemade Mexican fare – made with that good ole Abuela love!  In reality though, I may just find a few really good restaurants that cook almost as authentic and hopefully with a little dose of love. We’ll see.

In any event, since I won’t be home to cook for myself, e’hem I mean my family, (tee hee, I kid) I decided to go all in and cook some of my, I mean our favorites before we leave the country (oh my!).

Here is the video evidence of some of what I’ve done…

This was actually yesterdays’ lunch – Today’s lunch was almost identical except we had salmon steaks with chimichurri sauce instead of lamb.

In this meal, I sautéed 3 small lamb chops in Tunisian olive oil and seasoned them with a little kosher salt, olive oil, cracked pepper and some onion powder.

I then started my pot of Israeli couscous by sautéing fresh chopped garlic cloves in Tunisian Olive Oil until slightly browned, added the couscous, salt and water and allowed it to simmer until the couscous was light, fluffy and soft.  I topped everything off with warm flat bread and a greek salad topped with goat cheese crumbles.

Can you see why this is one of our faves?

I’m drooling just from thinking about it again!

Now I’m off to clean the kitchen and help my children pack for the week.

Expect loads of photos and hopefully stories when I get back.


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