When Being Set-Apart Leaves You Alone

It’s that time again…Xmas: the grand finale of the Gentile year.

They claim it’s ‘Peace on earth, goodwill toward men’ but I honestly don’t see it.

This seems to be the time of year that people are their most annoyed, depressed, angry, selfish and uncaring.

Being out and about during the week, you can tell on the roads more than anything. People driving all nuts, rushing to go broke buying gifts they feel compelled to buy, whether they can afford to or not.

Robberies, home invasions and the like usually spike during this time – and for what?

It is in my humble opinion that Xmas is the most anxiety inducing celebration that they have. It seems akin to some type of psychological slavery of sorts.

Undoubtedly, many of the adults taking part probably wish they didn’t ‘have to‘. Setting their children up to be little materialistic drones by purchasing their 24 hour happiness with  ‘toys of the moment’ that were manufactured in China – which is an atheist country by the way – who could give two shits about your Xmas… I digress

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve overheard this past week while shopping for various things, (not holiday related) of people complaining about how frustrated they were and venting about a lack of money for this mythical event.

I say ‘mythical’ because what is it really about? Christians like to say it’s about Jesus, but  I beg you, where is Jesus in all this?

Is he in the mall? No, that’s Santa/Satan.

Is he under or atop a tree? I would hope not because Jeremiah 10:1-4.

So by Yah, where is He?!

Newsflash: Yahushua is nowhere near this hellish, profane, paganistic day of worship and anyone who partakes in it, goes to church this day and does things in the name of Him is WRONG – so wrong and should come out of those Babylonian ways asap.

I could go deeper into the meaning of this holiday, or should I say meanings, but I won’t. I hate writing long posts.

But what I can do is drop a few links for you to check out on your own to perhaps lead you on a journey of discovery so you my friend can make up your own mind.

One: The Origins and Traditions of Xmas 

Two: The Hidden History of Xmas 

Three: The SHOCKING Truth About Xmas [article]

Well, it’s all about intention you say? You are focused on Jesus at this time and only worship him? Well, how would you feel if all those you loved celebrate your birthday on someone else’s birthday? Decorated the party in all the decorum you HATE, cooked the cake you hate the most, bought the gifts that someone else wanted and did it EVERY YEAR – in YOUR NAME. Right.

I simply felt compelled to write about this today because I’m sitting home alone while my husband and children go out of town to spend the day with his Christian family. I chose to stay home because Yah commanded I be set apart and not make myself familiar with unbiblical traditions – even if the people partaking believe they are doing it in Yeshuahs name.  Though I love my family, salvation doesn’t care about peer or familial pressure. YHWH expects us to do better when we know better so…

I will continue praying that eventually, my family will see and believe the truth – then apply and then set themselves apart. I cannot do it for them, I can only share the truth.

That in and of itself is biblical after all, and the truth shall make you free.


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