Hebrew Women + Head Covering

I love wearing head wraps and scarves, and have been rocking them since college (mid to late 90’s).

I’ve been curious about the idea of head coverings being compulsory for a while now.

I was pretty sure I had never read about it being mandated at all – but I don’t know everything and have not read the entire bible (yet) nor have I committed it to memory either so a little digging was in order.

Needless to say, from my research I have found that it is not law for us to cover our heads during prayer or any other time and that those interpretations of Yah’s word have been in error by those who preach such things.

Upon my digging, I came across this wonderfully written piece (done better than I could have at this point) and knew it needed to be shared.

You can find the shared blog post here: via Hebrew Sisters – Understand the Correct Meaning Of A Covering! | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Please enjoy it and feel free to leave your thoughts the matter in the comments section.


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