No Thx: Meal Prepping, Morning Runs, Shopping and Reverse Staycations

It’s that time of year again – and I’m on a diet.

Not that I indulge, I actually hate this time of year.

Don’t get me started on Xmas…

I digress.

This diet is the center of my life right now.
I’ve been planning my ass off and now I’m ready to start meal planning/prepping.
The good news is, I’ll have at least one peaceful day to get a lot done this week.
We’re going out of town for Turkey Day – to visit his family.
I don’t indulge in the ‘holiday’ – plus I’m dieting so, I’ll be at the hotel getting work done and hitting a few stores for some deals.
I’m going low-carb this go round because I’m interested in muscle.
I won’t get into it in this post, but with my blood type and workouts I have planned, I’m going to need meat.
Besides, I know I’m addicted to carbs so it’s good for me to leave them alone.
Food combining – a good topic to delve into…later.

It kinda sucks to leave the beach to head into Orlando for 2 days…at least the shopping is good there.
The devil is a liar if he thinks I’m going to get off track.

The place we’re staying is a 4 star hotel and apparently they have a fantastic gym so, no excuses!
It’s time for beast mode!
I’ll be more than happy to share my meal plans and prep techniques once I get them straight – if anyone is interested.
Oh yeah, I’m also on MyFitnessPal – so feel free to join me if you’re on. I have literally zero friends – since it’s a brand new account and I’ve really just been spending my time getting used to logging in daily and entering food…blah.

In other news, I bought some seriously stylish glasses today – ONLINE.

All I needed was my prescription!

Here’s what I bought – each under $50 – including lenses!!!

(pictures are linked to product pages)

This pair was only $15!
I’m over the moon about finding an affordable pair of prescription sunglasses. This pair is $45
These are by far my favorite (of the moment) – they also come in green (which I almost bought until I saw these beauties), brown and tortoise shell. Only $28!

Hopefully they will be on my face in about 2 weeks.

Praying for patience or a surge in business to distract me.

I guess that’s all I have for tonight.

I’m tired, still need a shower and need to get to sleep within the hour.

I’ve got some meal prepping to do and a morning workout to squeeze in before we head out of town tomorrow!

Be easy


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