Thicker Than I Wanna Be

I need to go on a diet.

I usually shun the word but, I need to stop and re-assess my eating situation.

I’ve been overindulging with eating out. Since our move, I have been cooking at home a LOT more but I need to get my butt on this beach for some running/walking.

We’ve been here two weeks now and I’ve been to the beach only three times.

Shame on me!

In my defense, there has been a lot to get done and we’ve done a good job staying on task  – and the couple of days where there were just one or two things to get done, we did indulge in the nothingness of rest.

Still though, we need to get a workout routine going so these pounds can leave and my clothes can fit cute again, ha ha.

It’s so easy to slip and get caught up in good eating but we must remember that gluttony includes overindulgence in food as well – oh, and lack of exercise 😉

I’ll be sure to update our plans and how things are going – just in case anyone may want to follow along and lose a few extra pounds with us.





  1. Wow, I literally came on today to write about food and health!!! It’s so important and I’ve learned a few things we thought were clean are actually unclean but I’m looking to research these things as well! Shalom

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