Relocated And It Feels So Good

Things have been super hectic lately – and still haven’t slowed down much. Just enough for me to get a quick blog update out.

So, we’ve finally made it out of that old, dusty house and made it out to the coast!

I thought this day would never come.

With this blessing came a lot of frustration because a few things were harder than they had to be. Like our internet/cable/phone service that I’m just getting straightened out tonight – a day shy of an entire week later.

All is well now though and all the wrinkles seem to be ironing themselves out.

We’re currently 4 miles from the beach so this will save us tons on our coastal vacations – because we live here now! Not to mention we went from a hundred year old house to a brand new one, I also have my dream kitchen. What a blessing!

The devil might try, but he can’t steal our joy.

Life is good and we give Yah all the thanks, praise and glory.

I’m super excited because now with all the good lighting my kitchen has, that means more recipes and pretty food pictures. I miss those posts.

Just wanted to tap out a quick update before I go to bed for the night.




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