Cutting Ties

I’ve recently found myself at a stage in my relationship with someone where it’s time to cut them loose.

This person is a mess. I’m not judging in that way, but still – they cause disruption and strife wherever they go.

It’s clear the problem is them – they are always crying and complaining about how unfair life is when in reality, this person is sabotaging their own life and blaming everyone else.

I’ve tried for years to get them to see a better way to deal with their issues, but to no avail.

Now this person, I find has been meddling in my family life and telling my daughter all kinds of crazy things which has caused disruption in our relationship.

That is where I have to draw the line.

I am all here to help anyone I can, but not to my own detriment or the detriment of my family.

No ma’am, no sir.

Not me and mine.

Just had to vent and get this out as it had me rather upset.

Still praying about it, but I know that this person is GONE from my life for good this time.



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