Dreams and Our Chaotic World

What a time it’s been in the world since I’ve last written!

Much of the world is in chaos and weird things are going on more often. Freak weather events, protests and murders. That creepy solar eclipse and Trump running his mouth about North Korea.

In spite of all these things,  I feel an immense amount of inner peace.

I started my Hebrew lessons 3 days ago – took yesterday off because I wasn’t feeling well but I’m up for more today.

Yoga Teacher training is on hold for a couple of months – until everything we have going on calms down a bit.

One interesting thing that happened was a dream I had a few days ago.

I was walking through the woods or a nature preserve type of park with  a family member when we noticed a man walking ahead of us with a baby girl – maybe about 10 mos. to a year old. We were commenting on how cute she was when the man stopped walking and placed the little girl on the ground so she could toddle around.

Then things got weird… The man disappeared! I can’t remember very clearly at the moment, but I think he just walked away.

I then became immediately concerned for the little girl’s safety because she was near the edge of a lake with a small dock attached. She toddled closer and closer to the lake as I began running towards her.

It seemed no matter how fast I tried to run I couldn’t speed up quite enough when she toddled onto the dock. The strange thing about this dock was instead of sitting above the water, it sat upon the water.

Just as I reached the end of the dock, the little girl walked right off the edge and ONTO the water – not into but on. She started walking the water!

Just as she stepped off the dock and took a few steps, she looked at me, gasped then fell right in!

I jumped in the water, pulled her out by one arm and just held her as tight as I could.

I woke up from the dream after that.

It was confusing because I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. I researched online, prayed about it, asked my mother in law and even discussed it with my husband.

It wasn’t until we discussed starting our daycare center back a couple days later did it [the dream] begin to make any sense to me.

I’m excited about the prospect and can’t wait to get started.

I wonder if this is what that dream was about?

Only time will tell I guess.



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