Mindful Money

With an increase in finances as of late, I find that I’ve gotten incredibly cheap frugal – I can’t find a good reason to purchase certain things.

I bought workout shoes, a used car, laptop, etc., because I view these things as investments. Items that will inevitably bring a return or will last us for years.

I set aside a certain amount to blow – to get it out of my system. But the bulk of it, that’s put away – safely, for a rainy day or even a sunny one.

It’s important to me to remain wise (become wise lol) dealing with money.

It’s a tool – and I want it to remain in it’s place in my mind.

I’ve seen people (some very close to me) change once they got a little money.

It’s important to me not to (change). It’s important to me to not just remain the same, because I’m not – but to remain a good person or even become a better one and use the excess for good.

You know how it goes, just my thoughts this beautiful night on the beach.


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