It’s been the longest time since I’ve been able to sit down and string together a complete thought in this blog.
I’ve been super busy – in good ways and not so good at times.
First with the good…
Business is moving – slow, but moving still.
I’m still enjoying it and still feeling passionate about everything I’ve got going on.
It feels so right to me.
I’m producing a podcast – it’s growing very slowly, but it’s grassroots so…
I’m cheap and don’t pay for promotion lol
We’ll see how it goes by September.
If we need help by then, I’ll cough up the dough.
It’s been a month and we have 16 subscribers already – I feel like that’s good considering it’s my first time producing and co-hosting a podcast.
My first time having anything to do with a podcast.
I’ve also ventured into Youtubing – seeing that I have a goal of creating a short film, I’m going to need a channel to put it on and viewers to watch it.
Then I have Pop Up Yoga starting in 3 weeks.
I’m teaching!
I know…
I’m still in YTT, but the way I have it planned, I will be past the ‘how to teach’ portion and well into the philosophy portion when the Pop Ups our company is hosting start.
I’m so excited!
We’ve already got a few sign ups :))))
I guess you can see why this blog hasn’t been updated for a while.

Now for the ‘not so good’.
I haven’t been very disciplined with my eating and my bipolar has become unmanageable at times.
I recently had an episode.
It could have been triggered by a few things but I definitely understand that I haven’t been very disciplined at all with diet, vitamins or fitness so, I’m not surprised.
Luckily, it didn’t affect business, but it did affect my personal life and I Hurt the feelings of the closest person to me.
Personally, I’ve got some choices and changes to make.
I owe him a very BIG apology and I have a lot of making it up to do.
At least things are ALL good again.
Be easy guys✌🏽



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