Respond To Gossip With Encouragement

If there is one thing that annoys me more than most other things, it’d be gossip.
No good can come from it and it’s more harmful and counterproductive than most other things.
Talk about a waste of time and a sure sign that the person reaching out to you with the gossip has decided not to do anything worthwhile with their time other than worry about other people’s business and how to spread it around.
The frustrating thing about situations like this is, the gossiped about info could have been used to help the person being gossiped about – but no. The gossiper chooses instead to call around to others and gossip about it.
If you have a conversation with someone that lasts, say 20 minutes and of the 20 minutes the  person is talking about or mentioning other individuals ( who aren’t present) for at least 15 minutes of said conversation, you have a chronic gossiper on your hands.
Chronic gossipers typically have little to no direction in their own lives.  Conversation with them usually revolves around other people. In many of their scenarios, they are being attacked and are the victim of the story. They are usually unfulfilled people who fall into envious thought patterns and ‘victim’ behavior.  You’ll find that these people are the type who seem to create their own problems – problems that have easy to find solutions. Many times, they feel hopeless and disappointed about their own lives, yet may appear to do little to make changes in their lives so they’d be happier. Instead, they choose to scrutinize the lives and decisions of others to ignore the disappointment they feel with their own lives and decisions.

If there is a chronic gossiper in your life right now that you care about – reach out to them.
Get them involved other things.
Show them how much more there is to life other than other people’s issues and their thoughts on them.
When they come to you with gossip, don’t respond or feed into it. Respond with something that will turn the conversation to other things and not people.
Show them there is a better, healthier way to connect with others and pass the time.

And if you recognize signs of being a chronic gossiper in yourself, be honest about what you see and make a real decision to change – and change! Simply take the above advice and remember that you can affect lives with gossip. If you wouldn’t want it said about you, then don’t say it about someone else.
Put the gossiping cycle to an end.

Just some thoughts for the day.

Be easy


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