Sometimes in life when things aren’t working out like you planned or how you want, you need to pause.
Just pause and refrain from making any moves or pursuing anything at all.
Focus on your well being, your mental health, physical health and relationships.
Sometimes, if you are focused on one thing a little too hard, other things tend to get neglected.
That’s why sometimes when you’re intently focused on the task at hand, it may not manifest the way you envisioned.
Sometimes blessings only come when your stuff is in order…
That’s what I think happened to me recently.
Things were going really well then BAM!
They stopped moving.
Kinda like my dog Armani when I put a leash on her.
She stops and lays on the ground.
I need an obedience trainer for her, but that’s neither here nor there.

Starting today, I am taking a pause.
I’m not focusing on anything but life at hand (bills), my family’s well being and my own.
Everything else can take a back seat for a while.
I need to rebalance and rediscover who I want to be in the future, where I want to be in the future,  and what I want to pursue.
As far as a residential spot, that door will open up when it should, insha’allah
I trust things will workout as they should.

So the condo denial we got today?
Que sera, sera my dear. The Universe has something even better in store for us, it’s just not time for it yet.

Patience is a constant lesson – I’ve got nothing but time.
Be easy and remember to pause when you need to. ✌🏽


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