Let Me Be Great | Giving Away Power

Some of us have this preoccupation with people being jealous of what we have and through their jealousy, somehow having the ‘power’ to cause us to lose ‘the thing’ they’re jealous of.

This way of thinking is giving people way too much power and control over your life.

A person can speak or think change over their lives – positive or negative, intentionally or not.

If you believe people have the power to ruin your life just by feeling some type of way about you or what you’re doing, then they do have that power – and they will ruin your life.

If you choose to believe that people are simply going to feel how they feel and that their feelings have no bearing on your feelings or life, then these same people have NO power at all. See how that works?

The power is all in the mind.

The rest doesn’t even exist – unless you manifest it by putting undo emotional energy into it with negative and anxious thoughts.

If you’ve been taught a certain way or have been believing in a certain way for years, of course just changing up your thinking isn’t going to be easy. But, if you consider the alternative – living a life YOU are in control of, not other people and their emotions, you will then be living the life of your dreams. You will be living a life that YOU are in control of.

Just some thoughts I pondered up this fine Thursday afternoon.

Hope it reaches who it should.

Be easy



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