Everyday People

Yesterday was interesting to say the least.

I met someone (a sister) who could potentially become a pretty good friend and I found someone else whom I had ‘befriended’ apparently felt differently and harbored much different feelings than I.

Although the experience was disturbing this girl was really off. (She clearly had a substance issue and also did work with spirits who apparently have begun ruling her life) I appreciate this person showing me who they were early so I didn’t need to waste my precious time trying to cultivate something with someone who clearly had some work to do before forging new relationships.

We all have work to do, that is a given – but lashing out at others negatively isn’t the way to go. Perhaps if we let go of the things we use to forget our issues (alcohol and communing with unfamiliar spirits), we’d be able to look within clearly to see the issues at hand.

We are all going through our own shit, so I innerstand that she may be struggling, but as an empath, I know it isn’t my job to help her through as I’m not equipped.

So as per usual, I cut ties to save myself and send loving, healing energy + intention her way. I pray she finds healing.

On the flip side, meeting new sisters with whom we share an immediate bond is refreshing. I’m excited for new growth and relationships this year.

This past new moon sure revealed lots.

Let’s see what this lunar month has in store for your girl




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