Cross Roads – A Morning of Deep Contemplation

This morning has been a reflective one.
Taking time to think through things with a contemplative and open mind can really help one sort out their problems or issues.
There’s been something I’ve been going through or going over for the past few weeks now.
A new change appeared in my life and along with it a host of unwelcomed changes I had no desire for.
I spent time wondering if the issues were related somhow – though they seemed entirely unrelated.
It was then that I realised that if I am involved in a situation that isn’t really vibrating as high as the other areas of my life, that low vibrational thing will bring the vibration of all else down.
Way down – and that’s what it did.
That fact brought me to the conclusion that these may be some things that should be cut loose – sooner rather than later.
It’s tough because of the way I’m built but I guess I’ll push through.
More contemplation is needed because I’m still unsure of a lot of things and people.

Cross roads


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