Over The River And Through The Woods – pursuing peace

Been out of sorts the past couple of weeks…

One of the benefits of being with someone who really knows you, is having someone around to help bring you back when you veer off.
Even if it’s something as common as getting overly involved with work.

It’s very easy for me to get extremely engrossed in whatever passion I’m pursuing at the moment – everything else takes a back burner.


The benefit is that it yields my most creative endeavors – the caveat: it alienates me from my friends + family when it’s excessive.
Having a spouse who is patient and knows my ins and outs really helps hold things together.
It helps that he’s a creative too – so there is a level of understanding there as well.

When we recognized things were off, we decided to take it outside.
No, we didn’t go fist to cuffs, we went hiking in the woods + visited a healing spring.


‘Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it’ – Psalm 34:14

Being blessed to have been born and raised in Florida, we just happen to know about a few of it’s hidden treasures. We decided to take a few days this week to explore some.

Studies show that immersing yourself in nature can actually help rewire your brain to a better mood.

Spiritually speaking, being surrounded by God’s creations, surrounded by nature and none of the rigid man made reality we usually occupy – it’s calming.

We went to visit Green Springs in Deltona Florida – one of the few remaining natural sulfur springs in the state.

Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans used the springs to heal from various ailments.

It was later discovered by white settlers and turned into a resort – then later preserved as a park. You can read more about this here.

Our excursions this week have done the trick and a semblance of peace has returned.

Maybe by the weekend we can make it to the beach – our favorite place ❤

I’m sure that would seal the deal!

Find your peace.

It will always bring you back to center.

Be easy



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