This is for me. It’s mine. I claimed it.

‘When it’s for you, it’s for you – don’t ever let anybody tell you different.’

We are always learning.

Learning about ourselves especially – learning who we essentially are along life’s journey.
One thing I’ve learned or perhaps have recently begun to better understand about myself is that I am not a conventional being.

I am not built to live life in this overly structured environment.

I’m a loose scheduler – unless it’s appointments because I respect other people.

I loosely follow rules. I don’t always care about matching my outfits or doing anything to my hair, shaving etc.
It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t want to groom myself or match my clothes or work.
Quite the opposite is true actually – I love fashion. I like some structure in my daily life and I love to work!
I LOVE getting lots done and staying busy.
Just not for someone else.
I don’t like the feeling of wasting my talents when I can use those same talents to benefit myself and grow my own brand.
So that’s what I have decided to do.
I’ve spent the latter part of 2015 and all of 2016 building my brand, creating product, honing skills and building a web presence.
I even did it while working outside of the home and recovering from surgery.
No matter how futile it might seem sometimes (and it does seem futile some of the time), there’s this quiet, tiny little voice inside that keeps saying ‘Don’t give up! Hold on! Be patient!’.
To that voice I reply, ‘Okay, I trust you’, and I keep pushing.

You just have to decide to keep going. It’s not easy, but it’s not that hard either. There are days when you just wanna say fuck it! I do! But when something is more than an idea or desire – when it’s something born from somewhere within you like a child – you can never give up on it.

I know, it drives me crazy sometimes – but I’m never going to quit.

I have goals I’ve been wanting to reach for years – I’ve finally begun taking real steps to get there. I am motivated and optimistic. I will get there when it’s time for me to get there and I will take the route meant for me.

This is for me. It’s mine. I claimed it. Yah bless my dreams.

The enemy doesn’t take the day off – so why would I?

Be easy



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