Over Worked + Tired…

I’m at the familiar crossroads again.
I’m growing weary with working outside of the house again.
My current employer doesn’t pay well – and the workload is insane.
Not what I was looking for.
I wanted a laid back job – not a fury every day.
The hours are good. 7 1/2 per day, 5 days per week but it just isn’t the fit that I thought it would be at first.
What prompted the underlying frustration was the ‘time-off’ for my surgery.
I let my employer know well ahead of time and got all the proper paperwork filled out. Sat down face to face with HR and filled out my short term leave papers, had my doctor fill out his portion of my leave papers a well.
Low and behold was not paid for my time after I was assured I was covered.
This is the second job that screwed me on pay while I was on a leave. Not to mention I was only allowed 10 days to recover from surgery. That wasn’t enough time and I was in pain, on meds and exhausted at work the entire week I was back.

I took Friday off – I needed it. I just couldn’t do it. They gave me grief about taking that one day to finish recovering. I hate that. It showed me who I was really working for.
Tired of this crap.
I just want to work for self but that is too hard to get started.
I’m never giving up thought, but still.

Started looking for something new (job wise) tonight and ideas are running through my head like mad on ventured we can do to earn money while working from home as a family.

Gotta find a way out of this before I have any issues mentally.

My windfall is a long ways off so I’ve got to do something – income is trickling through the house right now so I’ve got to see this through a while longer.

Spent the entire weekend dreading going back and trying to talk myself into going. It’s Sunday night and I’m prepped and pretty much ready to roll after a good nights sleep.

I’m going in to work tomorrow but I don’t want any issues from anyone about attendance AT ALL.

I just hope something gives soon because we need the money and I need a break!


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