Surgery – The Aftermath

Yesterday morning I had my surgery.

A discectomy and replacement for two herniated discs.

One was pinching a nerve and another was pinching a blood vessel and caused numbness, dizziness and black outs when I raised my arms over my head.

I was too out of it and sore to write about it then.

Today I am so unbearably sore and my mind is so foggy from the meds. I’m going to need this time off work.

HR called today about something – I only remember her mentioning that I was not covered under FMLA – but that I do have a short-term leave.

I honestly don’t care right now. I care – I care about my job and don’t want to lose it – I’ve been there before. Which is why I am doing my best to keep an open line of communication while I’m out.

Lord knows I don’t want to go through that again…

I feel good about things though so I’m not going to worry.

I’m happy to go back on the 25th.

Ah, my pain pills just kicked all the way in.

Man that pain is so bad – horrible.

It feels worse than it did after the car accident.

I hope it subsides soon so I can tell how well the surgery took.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue taking it easy (went for a car ride earlier and that was a bad idea – ouch!) and do my best to enjoy this time off work.


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