…Today has enough trouble of its own.

It’s Sunday night and I have my surgery on my mind.

I’m nervous, but I’ve already prayed about it and I am trusting God is going to guide the surgeon’s hands and help my body to heal so that I am no longer in constant pain.

How I long to feel what that’s like once again.

I have 2 whole weeks (minus a day) off from work – paid I might add, so I’m looking forward to that time off.

I’m just hoping I’m not sore so long that the entire 2 weeks suck.

We’ll see.

It will be what it’s going to be – and I am going to accept it with a grateful heart because I am not coming out of pocket for this surgery and for that I am very grateful.

I do have nerves because I’ve never had a surgery before – besides the emergency c-section I had w my youngest son. That was an emergency though and I didn’t have time to obsess over it lol

I guess I shouldn’t obsess over this either.

I mean, it really isn’t that serious anyway.

I’m just going to enjoy the (paid) time off from work – at least about a week of it  anyways 🙂




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