Protect Your Heart, Dear

I’m just me.
I can’t help that.
I know I’m different and many people don’t ‘get’ me, but that’s okay I guess.
I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get lonely at times, but for the most part I’m happiest this way.
Being alone – as in with no large or small group of friends.
Just a handful of people I know and who know who I am.

Not what I am though.

I am an enigma.
I am unexplained and misunderstood.

It took me years to accept this as I was always trying to fit in somewhere.
What I found is doing that only brought me discontentment and unhappiness because I was smothering who I really was by pushing to the front who I wanted everyone to believe I was.
I’m done with that.
I am far too lazy to keep it up and it wasn’t serving me – or anyone else.
It can be tough watching the world go by, but when yous see that although the world is going – that it’s moving, not everyone on board is moving in the directions right for them.
Not everyone is content, happy or even really knows what they’re doing!
How thankful I am for wisdom.
If only I was wise enough to get past the loneliness + mistrust of others.
God told me to protect my heart – so I am.


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