I’ll Toast To That || Midlife Sans Alcohol

After about 3 years of careful consideration, soul searching and purging, I finally decided the day before my 40th birthday that I was going to quit drinking.

I wanted to start my forties on a clean + healthy slate.

At first I was like, ‘I’m only drinking wine + tequila‘, but you know what? I need to leave it all alone.

At least for a good while – then we’ll see how I feel about it later.

Although, honestly, I really don’t want to drink anymore so why set myself up for failure by not committing?

Nothing wrong with drinking but, lot’s of addiction in my family + I already toke so I don’t need to be getting fucked up like that at my age. Feel me?

My father was an alcoholic* and I’m convinced his alcoholism played a major part in his cancer diagnosis and ultimate death from the disease.

 Alcohol is converted as sugar in the body + if you’re already a sugar/starch addict (and/or have diabetes)then your body is the perfect playground for cancer.

Something in me changed when he died.

Watching a loved one in so much pain…

That experience shook me so much, that I began to take my health and the health of my family very seriously afterward.

Some of these life changes take a little longer to stick than others – because lets face it, many of them are lifelong habits!

So, story goes it’s Sunday night and my ‘last weekend of drinking‘ is winding down (my birthday was this past Friday).

I’m sipping on a virgin spritzer (seltzer water + lemon juice) trying to break the drinking habit and not drink alcohol.

It’s tough starting out but I know I will thank myself for this decision in the long run.

Not to mention tomorrow is day one for Project Get Active for hubby and me.

So the extra energy will be welcomed.

More on that in a future post.

Welp! It’s getting late + laundry is calling my name.

Be easy


*Although my father drank too much, that did not take away from his ability to be an awesome dad. Or his ability to become a self-made millionaire. Nobody is perfect and we all make different kinds of mistakes. He tried his best and I will always appreciate that fact. 




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