Overdue for a detox

I feel a serious cleanse coming on.

I’ve been lying to myself about certain habits – old habits that I know I need to let go of for good.

I have at least 3 – and though I’m not ready to share them on this blog right now, I know with time I will share what they are.

I’m a control freak like that – I guess that could be number four?



I have a lot on my mind and it’s not all about me for once – hence the recent update on my Twitter bio, I digress…

I’ve taken drastic measures and started a GoFundMe in the hopes of getting a little financial bump to get the labels and fragrance for my butters so I can finally start selling them.

It’s just been so annoying because things have seemed so stagnant for the longest time then I realized – I have been acting out that stagnancy in my life.

I have to change in order for things to change so a cleanse it  is.

I need to detox all this toxic slug out of my body and mind.

My spirit needs renewal with more time spent with Yah – hopefully that is at the beach.

Things will pick up – I’m sure of it.

In the meantime, I need to adjust to rolling with these punches without my negative habits.

Time to clear on out!





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